Chris Alexis
2025 FOGO/Midfielder - Lax Mafia
Christopher Alexis
Chris Alexis Team 91 Titans
Grad Year: 2025
Position: FOGO/Midfielder
Jersey #: 99
Additional Team(s): Team Eire (Ireland), Sweetlax Fla 2025

Recent Achievements:
Season MVP 2024-AA
FOGO/Midfielder on Undefeated Denver Shootout AA Championship Team (June, 2019)
FOGO/Midfielder on World Series of Youth Team (July, 2019)
FOGO 90% Win Rate on Undefeated IMG National Championship Team (Oct, 2018)
First Team All-Tournament for his dominating performance at Dicks TOC (Dec, 2017)
Midfielder on World Series of Youth Team 91 Titans (July, 2018)
Midfielder on NLF National Undefeated Championship Team (July, 2018)
Selected for 2024 Warrior All America Games (July, 2018)

Additional Sports:
Flag football
Strength and conditioning training

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